Wk2 – Plaster Casting – Annie Ronning

This project turned out to be really fun. I have never used plaster before and I wasn’t sure how the process worked or how well the end product would turn out. It turns out that the project was simple and enjoyable to do. I am thankful my roommate was there to help because I couldn’t have done it on my own.

While we waited for the plaster to dry, I spent my free time picking up trash on the beach. I really loved this project because I got to spend time on schoolwork at my favorite place – the beach. After the project was finished, we rewarded ourselves with some Sweet Jill’s Bakery treats!

One way I can think of applying this project to other activities in my life is by using plaster as a method of decorating. This can be done is by making plaster molds of themed items like flowers, starfish, etc. that can then be placed as household decor. If I performed this project again, I would want to find a way to make molds of starfish and sea shells that I could use in my beach-themed bathroom in my apartment.

Overall this was a very fun project!



Wk1 – Landscapes with a Corpse – Annie Ronning

For our “Landscape with a Corpse” project, I “died” because I was too busy looking at my phone to notice my roommate was turning in to park her car. She didn’t notice me walking because she was too busy on her phone as well.

I decided to choose this scenario with the car because texting and driving and even texting and walking are actual issues in today’s society. My experience with this activity is that it is a lot harder to look dead than I had originally expected.

Overall I had a fun time with this project and look forward to the upcoming projects as well!