Wk2 – Plaster Casting – Annie Ronning

This project turned out to be really fun. I have never used plaster before and I wasn’t sure how the process worked or how well the end product would turn out. It turns out that the project was simple and enjoyable to do. I am thankful my roommate was there to help because I couldn’t have done it on my own.

While we waited for the plaster to dry, I spent my free time picking up trash on the beach. I really loved this project because I got to spend time on schoolwork at my favorite place – the beach. After the project was finished, we rewarded ourselves with some Sweet Jill’s Bakery treats!

One way I can think of applying this project to other activities in my life is by using plaster as a method of decorating. This can be done is by making plaster molds of themed items like flowers, starfish, etc. that can then be placed as household decor. If I performed this project again, I would want to find a way to make molds of starfish and sea shells that I could use in my beach-themed bathroom in my apartment.

Overall this was a very fun project!



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