Wk 3 – Snapchat Art – Annie Ronning

I really enjoyed our Snapchat project this week. It put a fun twist on an app many of us use on a daily basis. I, along with most other people I know, use Snapchat as a form of communication just as often as I use it for taking pictures. I do not think my Snapchat drawings communicate a specific emotion but I know that they communicate things about myself. They show that I like incorporating other people in my drawings and I had a fun theme to my photos. Although my drawings do not communicate to any other Snapchat drawings from the class, it does not mean that I don’t communicate through Snapchat on other occasions. Often times I can have an entire conversation with someone else just by using various facial expressions and drawings in my photos. I love Snapchat and I loved this project because it demonstrated how communication can work without the need of any words.

The first two photos are my Snapchat drawings and the last two are screenshotted from classmates!



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