WK 4 – Classmate Conversation – Annie Ronning

Classmate: Haley Elizabeth Anderson (https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com/)

Haley is a fun and energetic girl who is passionate about the things she loves. Her home is located in the Bay Area, specifically in the city of San Leandro. Haley went to a Christian private school for high school and is grateful for the experiences and memories she is making in college. She is an active member of the sorority Delta Zeta and loves her chapter very much. She is extremely passionate about her nursing major and just recently applied for the program this past month. Haley plans to complete the nursing program at CSULB and is hopeful she will be admitted this upcoming semester. In addition to her love for medicine, Haley also loves to play soccer. She was goalkeeper when she played in high school and stated that she misses it very much. She’s thankful that there are soccer philanthropy events she can participate in with her sorority. The main reason she decided to come to Long Beach State was for her major but also the campus, she loves all of the trees. When we discussed the artwork, we both mutually agreed that we loved the “Cookie Monster” sculpture in Samuel Jernigan’s exhibit. Overall, Haley is a great person and I am glad I got to know her a little better than I did before.



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