WK 5 – Artist Conversation – Annie Ronning

Info Block:

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to form; single entity

Media: metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: no website yet

Instagram: @kreeestol

About the Artist:

The artist named Krystal Ramirez in an undergrad student at CSULB in the 3D Media program and works strictly with metals, which is her major specification. Krystal enjoys making art but also loves to thrift shop and make DIY things. She has a drawing and painting background so she uses that as a base of inspiration and exploration in her work. She draws from the different techniques to help aid her in the creations of her pieces. She mainly focuses on movement and linear forms. She decided to work with metal because she took a jewelry class in high school and fell in love with it. She states that it is her favorite thing. After graduating, she has an interest in industrial design but hopes to continue working with metal.

Formal Analysis:

Krystal’s work was clearly made from metal and she created salt and pepper shakers. The lines were smooth and curved and the metal was silver ans shiny. The texture of the shakers was soft and polished. The shakers also had holes in the tops so they could be used functionally but also looked really nice as a household decor.

Content Analysis:

As mentioned previously, Krystal stated that she likes to incorporate the techniques of drawing and painting in her artwork and it can be clearly seen in the salt and pepper shakers.Although the shakers were real life objects, they looked as if they could have been drawn or painted on paper. The lines resembled drawing lines very much so and the shine from the metal resembled different shading techniques that may be used in painting. Krystal also discussed linear movement and this is also seen in the pieces. The shakers have curved bodies that flow very well from top to bottom, as if a wave of light is moving through them.


I really enjoyed Krystal’s artwork because it was artistic and realistic but also practical. The salt and pepper shakers look like something I would buy at a store to keep in my own house. They are functional but also appealing to the eye because of their smooth lines, surfaces, and curves. Krystal aimed to explore linear movement and drawing and painting techniques in her artwork and I believe she was successful. As you walk around the pieces, they look as though they are moving. The reflection of the light bends on the shakers and makes them flow very nicely together. I also really respect her work because it was done with metal, which is something I have no knowledge of. I may know how to paint and draw, but before this exhibit, I had no idea how something like metal salt and pepper shakers were created. In addition to seeing pieces of art I would want in my own kitchen, I also got to learn more about working with metal. I really enjoyed her work along with the other pieces in the gallery.


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