WK 5 – Classmate Conversation – Breezy Hastie

Classmate: Brianna AKA Breezy Hastie (https://breezyhastie.wordpress.com/)

This week I spoke with Breezy Hastie. Her full name is Brianna but she goes by Breezy. I did not know Breezy before this class but we are actually now in the same sorority and she just so happens to be my “pledge mom” and I love that she is. She is a Fashion Merchandising major and her hometown is Los Alamitos. Her passions include her sorority Delta Gamma, helping other people, being a leader, and inspiring others. One interesting fact about Breezy is that she has 3 extra ribs and you can actually feel one of them around her neck area. Her biggest fear is car accidents and her favorite food is sushi. She loves pigs and would consider them her favorite animal. Breezy is a very fun, outgoing girl who is great at making friends and being social. I am lucky to be her friend and now her sorority sister!



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