WK 5 – Cuisine and Beyond – Annie Ronning

This week I selected the coiffure option of the project and attempted a braided up-do on my roommate. She had an event at a country club so she let me do her hair for the occasion. I chose coiffure for my project because I just recently learned how to french braid well and I wanted to practice even more and find a hairstyle that incorporated french braiding. I achieved my goal of creating three french braids, but the buns that were supposed to look like flowers didn’t look that much like flowers. My roommate’s hair in on the shorter side so unfortunately some of her layers came out as I attempted to pull at some sections of the braid in order to make them look like flower petals. Surprisingly, the hairstyle still didn’t turn out that bad. I was also surprised with how different her hair was than mine. It was a lot thicker than mine so I had a lot more hair to work with than normal. This project was definitely both fun and interesting and I learned that hair-styling is not as easy as it may seem. Although I watched video tutorials on Youtube, performing the actual style was harder than it looked. Next time, I would try this hairstyle on someone with long hair so I won’t have to worry about layers or loose ends falling out. Overall I had fun with this project and my roommate did too!


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