WK 6 – Photowalk – Annie Ronning

This week I decided to follow Maddy Braverman for the photowalk project. She was very enthusiastic and energetic throughout the walk which made it exceptionally fun. For our walk, we started at the very top of campus where we found the artwork made within plants. Against a brick wall that looks out at 7th street, there are five bushes shaped to spell out “CSULB”. I really appreciated this portion of our walk because many students didn’t even realize it was there – so it was enjoyable to witness the discovery with some of my classmates. Our next spot was the bus stop, where we rode to the Japanese Garden at the other end of our very large campus! I have always loved the Japanese Garden because it is also a hidden gem on our campus. I lived in the dorms my entire first year of college and didn’t enter the gardens until my last month of living on campus. This area is like walking into a different world full of nature and wildlife and I love that it creates a break from reality. Our final stop was at the Walter Pyramid, which I love as well. Some of my greatest memories from college have been made in the pyramid. From working the #1 ranked men’s volleyball games for my Athletic Training major to jumping up and down and screaming with joy when the men’s basketball team wins in double overtime, this place definitely holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention, it’s a big blue pyramid that’s just awesome to look at and take pictures of. There are a lot of places that make our campus special and we did a good job at getting to a few of these places. I couldn’t agree more with Maddy when she says these spots really make our campus great. This photowalk was fun and a great way to meet new classmates and enjoy our beautiful school!


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