WK 7 – Classmate Conversation – Jamie Filosa

Classmate: Jamie Filosa (https://jamiefilosa.wordpress.com/)

This week I had my classmate conversation with Jamie Filosa, I did not know Jamie before this class but I am glad to call her a friend now. Jamie is a Sociology major originally from San Ramon, California. San Ramon is a city very close to my hometown and our high schools actually played in the same league together. Her hobbies include cheerleading, photography, and volunteering. We also bonded over the fact we were both cheerleaders for a large majority of our lives! In addition to her hobbies, Jamie also holds the position of Vice President of Philanthropy in her sorority, Delta Zeta. She is a second year and plans to graduate next year- she is considering adding a minor because she isn’t quite sure what she wants to choose as a career. One interesting fact about Jamie is that she was born and raised in Connecticut and used to own 2 sheep. She loves country music and alternative rock but listens to all different genres. Her favorite memory is winning NCA nationals her senior year of high school with her cheer team, Cali Bullets. If I was Jamie, that would be my favorite memory too! I am very thankful that I met her in this class and hope to continue our friendship even after Art 110 ends.


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