WK 7 -Group Video Activity – Annie Ronning

For our video project, Destiny Farihi, Haley Anderson, and I decided to perform a dramatic college breakup. We wanted to do something that was funny and exaggerated, but still applied to realistic problems that can occur in someone’s life. In the video, Haley and Destiny are in a relationship but Destiny is cheating on Haley by dating me. Although the video is dramatized for more excitement, the overall problem of unfaithful relationships is a concept most college students are familiar with. Either it has happened to them or someone they know, most people have experienced some sort of “cheating” in their life so we wanted to highlight this problem but in a funny and light-hearted context. Our process went rather smoothly since we are all friends and feel comfortable being silly around one another. One thing I was proud of is that we were able to complete the video without laughing the whole time! Something I would do differently next time is to make the video longer and try to use different angles, cuts, and edits; like the ones we discussed in class. None of us have the proper software to do so but I’m still happy with our finished video. Overall the project was fun, and forced me to do something I don’t normally do (which is acting in front of a camera).

Destiny Farihi: https://destinyfarihi.wordpress.com/

Haley Anderson: https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com/


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