Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Info Block:

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: sectioned hand-printed images, BFK printmaking paper, light sensitive emulsion stencils, water based ink screen with aluminum frames

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: no website yet

Instagram: @bri.joy

About the Artist:

Bri is in her final year of the undergraduate art program of Printmaking at CSULB. She stated that this exhibition is her BFA show. Bri likes sports and is very active, she loves yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and hiking. She has an appreciation for wilderness and came from a very small town called Modjeska Canyon. Coming to Long Beach was a culture shock for her. She mentioned she also loves camping and being outdoors. She believes her artwork represents the elements of her past and present and how the come together and grow at the same time. It references where she came from, where she is now and how the worlds merge in her life.

Formal Analysis:

Bri’s work is neutral colored and consists only of the colors black and white. Most of the pieces are linear – and these lines tend to be completely straight or twisted and curved. Some of the lines create images of women and the abstract art creates a feeling of mystery and wonder. Most of the lines in the paper are continuous and seem to flow together. The lines in each piece vary, they are either choppy and straight or curly and continuous, creating unique pieces.

Content Analysis:

As mentioned previously, this exhibition is entitled “Merge” as it is about the merge in the artist’s life. Bri Joy grew up in Modjeska Canyon, where the population was less than a few thousand people and there was no service reception. After being born and raised in such a small town, Bri experienced a drastic changed when she moved to Long Beach, which is expressed in her artwork. The pieces offer extreme variation, just like the shift she experienced in her own life. Some pieces are calm and serene, with smooth lines that twirl around while other pieces are bold and abrupt, with thick lines slicing through the paper. These dramatic differences can be related to her dramatic change from her past to her present.


I loved everything about this exhibition. In my opinion, sometimes things can be expressed much differently when there is no color involved. I love that at first glance, the gallery seems to all look similar, but within one second the viewer can see how different each piece really is. I also have a much greater appreciation for printmaking, as I was unsure how the process worked. It is incredible to believe that each piece of art was created in sections, yet it looks as though it was all printed on the same sheet of paper. Overall, I really liked the diversity and variation in Bri’s pieces and I really enjoyed the story behind the artwork. We all come from different pasts and are living separate presents, but the one thing every person has in common is that these aspects truly shape who we are as people 0 and Bri did an amazing job at showing that through her work.


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