Leela is a doctor with a dark side living in Moonbase Alpha. By day, she is dedicated to her job and has a fierce passion for saving the lives of the Moonbase Alpha citizens. By night, she is a nonstop partier who has an uncontrollable drinking problem. She loves her job but lately her extremely bad habits have been interfering with her work in the hospital. After months of black outs and nights that turn into mornings, Leela has decided she needs to change her life completely and create a new start. Since she spent all of her money on drugs and alcohol, she makes the impulsive decision to kidnap members of the royal family in attempts to make profit off their ransom. After a series of intense events, Leela finds herself hiding away from the law in order to keep the royal members in her possession.

Ava was a member of the royal family but ran away to become a powerful scientist that can create superpowers. Leela knew how valuable Ava was so she knew she needed to kidnap her in order to make enough ransom money to support her new life. https://destinyfarihi.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/wk-9/

Lorika is Ava’s best friend, Leela knew that taking these girls would become a package deal. Lorika is also a member of the royal family and would be worth a lot of money as well. https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/lorika/

Raven is a vital asset in Leela’s kidnapping plan since she is friends with Lorika. Raven works in a field that Leela is very familiar with so she will be able to get to Lorkia by following Raven. https://jamiefilosa.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/wk9-art-experience-moonbase-alpha-raven-hufflepuff/




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