WK 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy

Info Block:

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: “All Work All Play”

Media: copper and silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: no website yet

Instagram: only uses a personal instagram, username was not given

About the Artist:

Sean Joy is an undergraduate student in her last semester at CSULB and she is a part of the BFA Metal Program. This exhibition is her first show. Sean is from Los Angeles and is currently living in Long Beach. She dormed at CSULB for two years and she is now in her fifth year of living in Long Beach. When she first applied at Long Beach State, her major was in Creative Writing and Poetry but she quickly changed to Studio Art at orientation. Within 2 years she changed to a focus in metal because it interests her the most. She has interests in reading and gaming and also loves cats. She mentioned that she spends a lot of her free time in the studio where she enjoys experimenting with new things. She likes to keep herself active in trying different things artistically. Her exhibition “All Work All Play” explores the ideas of journaling her emotions and her daily life. Some of her pieces simply practice the requirements that were given to her for her classes but no matter what she is working on she likes to inject as much of her humor as possible. Whenever she is having emotional moments, she makes an effort to express these through her pieces of art.

Formal Analysis:

Sean’s pieces all varied in form and texture. Some pieces were smooth with long, fluid lines like the ladle and some necklaces, while other pieces had a more rough and jagged feel like the choker. In addition, the small bowls took on a completely different form than any other pieces because they were soft, smooth, shiny, and dainty. These bowls also included a design that was painted on while other pieces were jewelry where the shapes were created through the lines of the metal. Overall the forms showed great diversity and variation.

Content Analysis:

Sean Joy’s artwork is inspired by her daily life, emotions, and humor. This can be seen in multiple pieces like the different necklaces that all showed off very opposite styles. Sean expressed that her work reflects her emotions and it is made apparent by the diversity in her work. Just as a human being has numerous amounts of emotions, her pieces of art also expressed countless variations in color, size, texture, and style. As stated by Sean, she loves that she can perfect the technical aspects of metals in order to create things that match her moods- this is expressed very deeply in all of her work.


I really enjoyed Sean’s exhibit because every single piece was unlike any other sitting next to it. One display has gorgeous bowls with flower designs, while the next is a big and bold necklace, following that is a whimsical ladle. I loved that no two pieces were alike, just like how no to experiences or emotions are ever the same. Sean did an excellent job at expressing her patience and hard work through her pieces as I did not get bored once looking at the entire exhibition.



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