WK 10 – Annie Ronning – Instagram

For this week’s project, we explored with one of my favorite apps/forms of social media- Instagram! This app first started as a cool way to edit or “filter” pictures, but as soon as it gained popularity it became the second-coming of Facebook, another social media sight we all know and love. Instagram is now a place to express yourself to the world via pictures with clever captions and precise editing. I love Instagram and I was happy to participate in this project. I did indeed make a new account specifically for our art class because I prefer to keep my personal account on “private”. While scrolling through our giant “group selfie” and looking at all of the pictures my classmates posted, I most definitely felt a sense of community. A lot of people posted pictures of campus, food, nature, their friends, and many other things we all have a common liking for. I feel as though most college kids have the same things on their mind: school, food, and fun. This was apparent in all of the diverse and exciting pictures posted on my Instagram! For my pictures, I also chose things along those lines. I posted pictures of my friends and of a water bottle with my sorority’s letters on it. All of these things are important to me and play a major role in my life here at CSULB. Instagram is an incredible way to express yourself- like the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words!”




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