WK 14 – Sketching – Annie Ronning

This week we sketched for our art experience. I really enjoyed this project because I like sketching and I am also fairly good at it. We ventured to the Japanese Garden which was a nice change of scenery. For this specific project, my favorite portion was the “realistic” sketches because I am much better at those. I liked the “abstract” portion as well but prefer to sketch real objects. I really liked the project we were assigned this week because it reminds me of the art I normally experience. Although I have learned throughout the course of this semester that art is so much more than just drawing and painting, it was nice to get back to the basics! I have completely expanded my knowledge and views on art this year and have an entire new perspective of what “art is”. This week’s activity reminds me of what I used to think of when I hear the word “art”. I loved it!


WK 11 – Annie Ronning – Turning Pages

For this week’s project, our class had the pleasure of getting to know Marta Troya – and she was kind enough to assign us our art experience. The first thing we did was go into the library and read large children’s books. In order to get a different experience, we were asked to not take any pictures on our phones. I definitely witnessed a lot while performing this task. Since I didn’t have to worry about taking any photos, I was able to notice my surroundings a lot more – which made the experience very fun. Some people stared at us while some people glared, others immediately pulled their phones out and started snapchatting pictures and videos of our class. We were a large group of people coming into the computer lab reading children’s books, people were bound to be interested. The most ironic part is the fact that a library used to be full of books, and seeing people read was no where near “out of the norm”.

For the second portion of the project, we moved to the bookstore, where they sell more merchandise than they do textbooks. During this experience we were supposed to be taking pictures on our phones which really impacted my experience. Unlike the library where I was really able to take in what was happening, I spent all of my time in the bookstore focused on my phone and the pictures I was taking. I did not notice people’s reactions or pay attention to any other details that may have enhanced my experience. My phone clearly created a detachment from the situation I was in.

If I learned anything from this project it is that my cell phone interferes with some of my experiences in life. It made me realize that sometimes using my eyes to create memories is a lot more worthwhile than focusing a camera to do so for me. Overall I really enjoyed the project this week and it made me see things from a different perspective!