WK 14 – Sketching – Annie Ronning

This week we sketched for our art experience. I really enjoyed this project because I like sketching and I am also fairly good at it. We ventured to the Japanese Garden which was a nice change of scenery. For this specific project, my favorite portion was the “realistic” sketches because I am much better at those. I liked the “abstract” portion as well but prefer to sketch real objects. I really liked the project we were assigned this week because it reminds me of the art I normally experience. Although I have learned throughout the course of this semester that art is so much more than just drawing and painting, it was nice to get back to the basics! I have completely expanded my knowledge and views on art this year and have an entire new perspective of what “art is”. This week’s activity reminds me of what I used to think of when I hear the word “art”. I loved it!


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