WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Maddy Braverman

Classmate: Madison (Maddy) Braverman (https://madisonbraverman.wordpress.com)

Maddy Braverman is a girl that I did not know before this class, but I have become friends with her throughout this semester. She is a very sweet and outgoing girl with an energetic and fun personality. Maddy is on the CSULB club volleyball team and is a member of the sorority Delta Zeta. Maddy told me that one of her favorite things to do is watch the Bachelor every Monday. Maddy is originally from Porter Ranch and is currently in her second year of school at CSULB. She started off as a Biology major but is now majoring in Human Development. She intends to focus on a career in social work. Maddy is a very positive, vibrant girl that will easily brighten your day if you talk to her. I am glad I have the pleasure of knowing her!




Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Info Block:

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: sectioned hand-printed images, BFK printmaking paper, light sensitive emulsion stencils, water based ink screen with aluminum frames

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: no website yet

Instagram: @bri.joy

About the Artist:

Bri is in her final year of the undergraduate art program of Printmaking at CSULB. She stated that this exhibition is her BFA show. Bri likes sports and is very active, she loves yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and hiking. She has an appreciation for wilderness and came from a very small town called Modjeska Canyon. Coming to Long Beach was a culture shock for her. She mentioned she also loves camping and being outdoors. She believes her artwork represents the elements of her past and present and how the come together and grow at the same time. It references where she came from, where she is now and how the worlds merge in her life.

Formal Analysis:

Bri’s work is neutral colored and consists only of the colors black and white. Most of the pieces are linear – and these lines tend to be completely straight or twisted and curved. Some of the lines create images of women and the abstract art creates a feeling of mystery and wonder. Most of the lines in the paper are continuous and seem to flow together. The lines in each piece vary, they are either choppy and straight or curly and continuous, creating unique pieces.

Content Analysis:

As mentioned previously, this exhibition is entitled “Merge” as it is about the merge in the artist’s life. Bri Joy grew up in Modjeska Canyon, where the population was less than a few thousand people and there was no service reception. After being born and raised in such a small town, Bri experienced a drastic changed when she moved to Long Beach, which is expressed in her artwork. The pieces offer extreme variation, just like the shift she experienced in her own life. Some pieces are calm and serene, with smooth lines that twirl around while other pieces are bold and abrupt, with thick lines slicing through the paper. These dramatic differences can be related to her dramatic change from her past to her present.


I loved everything about this exhibition. In my opinion, sometimes things can be expressed much differently when there is no color involved. I love that at first glance, the gallery seems to all look similar, but within one second the viewer can see how different each piece really is. I also have a much greater appreciation for printmaking, as I was unsure how the process worked. It is incredible to believe that each piece of art was created in sections, yet it looks as though it was all printed on the same sheet of paper. Overall, I really liked the diversity and variation in Bri’s pieces and I really enjoyed the story behind the artwork. We all come from different pasts and are living separate presents, but the one thing every person has in common is that these aspects truly shape who we are as people 0 and Bri did an amazing job at showing that through her work.

WK 8 – Automatic Drawing – Annie Ronning

This experience is unlike any other art experience I’ve done before. It was different which made it exciting and my partner was also interested in it which seemed to make it more fun and successful. At first (when these pictures were taken) we were holding the pen with a lot of downward pressure and didn’t realize it until we noticed that nothing was happening. After we adjusted our grip we were finally able to produce results. As predicted, it was hard not to laugh but once we relaxed then pen started to write. I have never heard of this art form before so I’m glad I got to try it – it was new and I enjoyed it.

WK 7 – Classmate Conversation – Jamie Filosa

Classmate: Jamie Filosa (https://jamiefilosa.wordpress.com/)

This week I had my classmate conversation with Jamie Filosa, I did not know Jamie before this class but I am glad to call her a friend now. Jamie is a Sociology major originally from San Ramon, California. San Ramon is a city very close to my hometown and our high schools actually played in the same league together. Her hobbies include cheerleading, photography, and volunteering. We also bonded over the fact we were both cheerleaders for a large majority of our lives! In addition to her hobbies, Jamie also holds the position of Vice President of Philanthropy in her sorority, Delta Zeta. She is a second year and plans to graduate next year- she is considering adding a minor because she isn’t quite sure what she wants to choose as a career. One interesting fact about Jamie is that she was born and raised in Connecticut and used to own 2 sheep. She loves country music and alternative rock but listens to all different genres. Her favorite memory is winning NCA nationals her senior year of high school with her cheer team, Cali Bullets. If I was Jamie, that would be my favorite memory too! I am very thankful that I met her in this class and hope to continue our friendship even after Art 110 ends.

WK 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Williams

Info Block:

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

 Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: ceramics, raw clay, cement, mason stain

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/gallery.html

Instagram: @andreawilliammms

About the Artist:

Andrea Williams is am undergraduate student at CSULB in the Ceramics program. She was born and raised in Riverside and is currently commuting from there. Andrea stated that art and music have both been an important aspect of her family since she was a child. She was in a band and has played the drums since she was 12. When she was in her 20’s, her husband encouraged her to choose something in art so she chose ceramics. Her biggest interest is being a mother and a pet owner of many animals like dogs and chickens. Overall Andrea really loves music and art, along with her family. She describes that her work is titled “Sacrifice” because her pieces explore the ideas of sacrifice that become apparent during stages like motherhood. It also encompasses the sacrifice of a woman- like her body, her time, and other aspects that tend to go unnoticed.

Formal Analysis:

Andrea’s work is mainly created with cement and ceramics. Her pieces have rough surfaces with clean lines painted on them. The colors are very dull and neutral which make the pieces seem very natural. The cement used is gray but certain points in her work are outlined with the color brown to highlight specific aspects in each piece. The artist stated that  The texture on the pieces also look very rough and rugged. The overall theme of the work is that is seems very natural but also rough around the edges.

Content Analysis:

Andrea’s exhibition mainly focuses on the idea of sacrifice which normally comes along with vital stages in life like finding faith and becoming a mother. Her concept of sacrifice is both physical and mental. After a woman gives birth, her body permanently changes along with her way of living. When a child is born, the woman must forfeit her physical body along with aspects like sleep, free time, and her social life. In addition to motherhood, sacrifice can be clearly seen in religion and faith. Physical sacrifice is apparent in her pieces illustrating pain and agony below the cross. Her purpose of naming her exhibition “Sacrifice” was so she could pay respect to things given up that often go unnoticed. She specifies that her work is particularly religious and has to do with Christianity and Jesus Christ. The different pieces give off a feeling of gloom and sadness that create an overall appreciation for the idea of sacrifice.


I really enjoy Andrea’s work because despite the fact I am not a mother, I can relate to her exhibition on the level of religion. I am also Christian and fully believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins- which was the ultimate sacrifice. I really enjoyed seeing religious ideas recreated as contemporary artwork because I have a very deep appreciation for it as it is extremely difficult to do. I love that Andrea made her work personal by relating religious sacrifice to the sacrifices of motherhood. Since the artist is a mother herself, she was able to fully express her own thoughts and feelings in her pieces. The art informs people how hard it can be to be faithful and to also be a mother, and I really like that she centered her focus around these aspects. The pieces were not only beautifully created, but also told an incredible story.




WK 7 -Group Video Activity – Annie Ronning

For our video project, Destiny Farihi, Haley Anderson, and I decided to perform a dramatic college breakup. We wanted to do something that was funny and exaggerated, but still applied to realistic problems that can occur in someone’s life. In the video, Haley and Destiny are in a relationship but Destiny is cheating on Haley by dating me. Although the video is dramatized for more excitement, the overall problem of unfaithful relationships is a concept most college students are familiar with. Either it has happened to them or someone they know, most people have experienced some sort of “cheating” in their life so we wanted to highlight this problem but in a funny and light-hearted context. Our process went rather smoothly since we are all friends and feel comfortable being silly around one another. One thing I was proud of is that we were able to complete the video without laughing the whole time! Something I would do differently next time is to make the video longer and try to use different angles, cuts, and edits; like the ones we discussed in class. None of us have the proper software to do so but I’m still happy with our finished video. Overall the project was fun, and forced me to do something I don’t normally do (which is acting in front of a camera).

Destiny Farihi: https://destinyfarihi.wordpress.com/

Haley Anderson: https://haleyandersonsite.wordpress.com/

WK 6 – Photowalk – Annie Ronning

This week I decided to follow Maddy Braverman for the photowalk project. She was very enthusiastic and energetic throughout the walk which made it exceptionally fun. For our walk, we started at the very top of campus where we found the artwork made within plants. Against a brick wall that looks out at 7th street, there are five bushes shaped to spell out “CSULB”. I really appreciated this portion of our walk because many students didn’t even realize it was there – so it was enjoyable to witness the discovery with some of my classmates. Our next spot was the bus stop, where we rode to the Japanese Garden at the other end of our very large campus! I have always loved the Japanese Garden because it is also a hidden gem on our campus. I lived in the dorms my entire first year of college and didn’t enter the gardens until my last month of living on campus. This area is like walking into a different world full of nature and wildlife and I love that it creates a break from reality. Our final stop was at the Walter Pyramid, which I love as well. Some of my greatest memories from college have been made in the pyramid. From working the #1 ranked men’s volleyball games for my Athletic Training major to jumping up and down and screaming with joy when the men’s basketball team wins in double overtime, this place definitely holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention, it’s a big blue pyramid that’s just awesome to look at and take pictures of. There are a lot of places that make our campus special and we did a good job at getting to a few of these places. I couldn’t agree more with Maddy when she says these spots really make our campus great. This photowalk was fun and a great way to meet new classmates and enjoy our beautiful school!

WK 5 – Classmate Conversation – Breezy Hastie

Classmate: Brianna AKA Breezy Hastie (https://breezyhastie.wordpress.com/)

This week I spoke with Breezy Hastie. Her full name is Brianna but she goes by Breezy. I did not know Breezy before this class but we are actually now in the same sorority and she just so happens to be my “pledge mom” and I love that she is. She is a Fashion Merchandising major and her hometown is Los Alamitos. Her passions include her sorority Delta Gamma, helping other people, being a leader, and inspiring others. One interesting fact about Breezy is that she has 3 extra ribs and you can actually feel one of them around her neck area. Her biggest fear is car accidents and her favorite food is sushi. She loves pigs and would consider them her favorite animal. Breezy is a very fun, outgoing girl who is great at making friends and being social. I am lucky to be her friend and now her sorority sister!


WK 5 – Artist Conversation – Annie Ronning

Info Block:

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to form; single entity

Media: metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: no website yet

Instagram: @kreeestol

About the Artist:

The artist named Krystal Ramirez in an undergrad student at CSULB in the 3D Media program and works strictly with metals, which is her major specification. Krystal enjoys making art but also loves to thrift shop and make DIY things. She has a drawing and painting background so she uses that as a base of inspiration and exploration in her work. She draws from the different techniques to help aid her in the creations of her pieces. She mainly focuses on movement and linear forms. She decided to work with metal because she took a jewelry class in high school and fell in love with it. She states that it is her favorite thing. After graduating, she has an interest in industrial design but hopes to continue working with metal.

Formal Analysis:

Krystal’s work was clearly made from metal and she created salt and pepper shakers. The lines were smooth and curved and the metal was silver ans shiny. The texture of the shakers was soft and polished. The shakers also had holes in the tops so they could be used functionally but also looked really nice as a household decor.

Content Analysis:

As mentioned previously, Krystal stated that she likes to incorporate the techniques of drawing and painting in her artwork and it can be clearly seen in the salt and pepper shakers.Although the shakers were real life objects, they looked as if they could have been drawn or painted on paper. The lines resembled drawing lines very much so and the shine from the metal resembled different shading techniques that may be used in painting. Krystal also discussed linear movement and this is also seen in the pieces. The shakers have curved bodies that flow very well from top to bottom, as if a wave of light is moving through them.


I really enjoyed Krystal’s artwork because it was artistic and realistic but also practical. The salt and pepper shakers look like something I would buy at a store to keep in my own house. They are functional but also appealing to the eye because of their smooth lines, surfaces, and curves. Krystal aimed to explore linear movement and drawing and painting techniques in her artwork and I believe she was successful. As you walk around the pieces, they look as though they are moving. The reflection of the light bends on the shakers and makes them flow very nicely together. I also really respect her work because it was done with metal, which is something I have no knowledge of. I may know how to paint and draw, but before this exhibit, I had no idea how something like metal salt and pepper shakers were created. In addition to seeing pieces of art I would want in my own kitchen, I also got to learn more about working with metal. I really enjoyed her work along with the other pieces in the gallery.

WK 5 – Cuisine and Beyond – Annie Ronning

This week I selected the coiffure option of the project and attempted a braided up-do on my roommate. She had an event at a country club so she let me do her hair for the occasion. I chose coiffure for my project because I just recently learned how to french braid well and I wanted to practice even more and find a hairstyle that incorporated french braiding. I achieved my goal of creating three french braids, but the buns that were supposed to look like flowers didn’t look that much like flowers. My roommate’s hair in on the shorter side so unfortunately some of her layers came out as I attempted to pull at some sections of the braid in order to make them look like flower petals. Surprisingly, the hairstyle still didn’t turn out that bad. I was also surprised with how different her hair was than mine. It was a lot thicker than mine so I had a lot more hair to work with than normal. This project was definitely both fun and interesting and I learned that hair-styling is not as easy as it may seem. Although I watched video tutorials on Youtube, performing the actual style was harder than it looked. Next time, I would try this hairstyle on someone with long hair so I won’t have to worry about layers or loose ends falling out. Overall I had fun with this project and my roommate did too!